While many businesses have registered for/migrated to GST, many more have yet to do so. Registration under the GST Law requires obtaining a unique GST number from the applicable tax agency in order to collect tax on behalf of the govt and claim Input Tax Credit for taxes inward supplies.

The GST Registration Process is completed completely online, with no physical documents necessary to be submitted to the GST Department. In order to complete the Steps to Get GST Registration, it is necessary to organise the documentation in line with strict laws.

Documents Required For LLP GST registration

Here are the Documents Required For LLP GST registration

When starting an eCommerce venture, it is a good idea to incorporate or create an LLP in order to have limited liability protection and to make conducting business easier. Having a corporation or LLP implies that opening bank accounts in the name of the firm or obtaining a GST registration is straightforward and fast.

Almost every marketplace accepts sales from sole proprietorships and partnerships. In the case of a lawsuit, however, there would be no limited liability protection. As a consequence, it is best to start selling via an LLP or Company.

  • Photos of all Partners.
  • PAN Card of all Partners.
  • Aadhar Card of all Partners.
  • Registration Certificate of the LLP.
  • Proof of Principle place of business (Anyone – Electricity Bill/Rent or Lease agreement/Latest Bank Statement – Not less than 2 months old).
  • Letter of Authority in favour of any Designated Partner.
  • ·Bank details- a copy of the cancelled cheque or bank statement.

 LLP Documents

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of LLP.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) of LLP.
  • Consent / Resolution by Directors for obtaining GST Registration.
  •  Declaration / Authorisation to Authorised Signatory.
  •  Bank Account Details: Scanned copy of a cancelled cheque containing the name of the Business entity, Bank Account No., MICR, IFSC and Branch details.

 Designation Partners

  • Photographs of the Designated Directors and the Authorised Signatory
  • The Authorised Signatory’s Digital Signature Certificate.

Address Proof For Registration

An identified address must be provided for GST registration. This is the most necessary document to locate before beginning the GST Registration process. The GST Registration address does not need to be the same as the Registered Office address of the LLP.

Address owned by Applicant LLP

Any document showing the premises’ ownership, such as the most current Property Tax Receipt, a copy of the Municipal Khata, or a copy of the Electricity Bill.

 If the premises are owned by individuals – Partners

Any document verifying property ownership, such as the most current Property Tax Receipt, a copy of the Municipal Khata, or a copy of the Electricity Bill

Permit from the building’s owner to use the address for GST registration.

For Rented or Leased Premises

On stamp paper, a copy of the valid Rent / Lease Agreement in the name of the LLP. The rental or lease must be for commercial purposes only.

Any document proving ownership of the premises by the Lessor, such as the most current property tax receipt, a copy of the Municipal Khata, or a copy of the Electricity Bill.