Feasibility Study Report

Our Feasibility Report will cover all the details that will help you determine whether your project is feasible or not. 


A feasibility study is a thorough investigation of a certain project, endeavour, or strategy that is viable. A go/no go verdict is the end result of any feasibility report. Whether you advance or you don’t. Our feasibility study reports are designed to provide companies with critical knowledge that will assist them in avoiding less viable and riskier initiatives.

Types of Feasibility Study

A feasibility report assesses a project’s likelihood of succeeding, perceived objectivity is vital to the report’s trustworthiness among possible potential investors and financial institutes. There are 5 kinds of feasibility studies –


Technical Feasibility

This evaluation emphasizes the firm’s technical capabilities. It assists companies in determining if their technical resources are enough or their technical staff is skilled in translating concepts to functional systems. Technical feasibility usually includes an assessment of the planned hardware, software, as well as other technical needs.


Economic Feasibility

This evaluation generally includes a cost/benefit study of the project, which assists companies in determining the feasibility, expense, and advantages of a venture prior to allocating funds. It also functions as an impartial project assessment and boosts project credibility by assisting decision making in determining the beneficial economic advantages that the venture would bring.


Scheduling Feasibility

It’s the most crucial evaluation for venture success; and besides, a venture would collapse if it is not finished before the deadline. A company calculates the length of time it would take to finish a project in scheduling feasibility.


Operational Feasibility

This evaluation includes conducting research to evaluate if and how effectively the firm’s requirements could be satisfied by finishing the project. Operational feasibility assessments also look at how a planning process meets the criteria determined during the system development requirements analysis phase.



This evaluation looks into if any part of the planned project violates any regulations, such as zoning rules, data protection laws, or social media laws. Suppose a company wishes to develop a new office complex in a certain area. A feasibility study may indicate that the desired site for the company is not designated for that sort of firm. That company has just saved a lot of time and energy by discovering if its initiative wasn’t really possible from the start.

Why Choose Us?

Sharda Associates has extensive expertise creating business and financial models for a wide range of corporations and business groups We focus on giving clear feasibility study reports that allow you to determine the scope of a project as well as its fundamental challenges.

Benefits of Conducting a Feasibility Study

  • Enhance the attention of project teams.
  • Discovers new avenues.
  • Contains essential data for making yes or no judgement.
  • Reduces the number of business options.
  • Determines a solid rationale for carrying out the project.
  • By assessing several criteria, the success rate is increased.
  • Helps in decision-making.
  • Provides reasons why you should not continue the project.

Why Should You Conduct Third Party Feasibility Assessment?

Feasibility studies are critical for company growth. They enable companies to determine where and how they will function. They can also discover possible roadblocks to operations and estimate the sum of cash required to get the firm up and operating. Getting someone else to analyse on your behalf guarantees that your judgments are based on thorough, unbiased, and trustworthy data.

How We Make Our Feasibility Study Report?


Based On Reality

The research should be built on fact rather than pure speculation or vague theory. This often necessitates both primary and secondary market research in order to determine if people will purchase or investors would invest.

Well Defined Project

The project or strategy should be properly defined to allow particular hypotheses to be evaluated. Nothing can be established with any degree of certainty until precise product or service attributes are provided.


Business Plan

Based on detailed research we create the best business plan for your business which is operational and actionable taking into account all its risk factors.

Yes or No Verdict

After conducting market research, defining a business project with its strategy, we test the hypothesis and at the end, we provide a conclusion whether the business is feasible or not.


Scope Of Our Feasibility Study Report?

Our feasibility study report, which is completely tailored, has the following scope:


Executive Summary

It covers the Promoter’s background and experience, Enthusiasm & Team requirements.


Incorporation certificates, Trademark registration or IP rights.

Promoter's Objective

The objective of the new venture is mentioned with Core capability & Risk-taking ability.


Raw Material, Human Capital, Operating

Regulatory Requirements

Regulatory restrictions, Subsidies & Incentives and requirements.

Business Strategy

Business Model, Key strategic choices – risks, Others. Type, range, and needs

CAPEX Requirements

Land, Unit description, Equipment & Machinery, Building & Civil Works.

Market Study Financial Model

Market potential, Growth drivers, market

Project Cost

Means of Financing, challenges Customer segments, etc Profitability Statement etc