How To Make a Pitch Deck? – There may be a thousand reasons that your firm is fantastic, however, after a brief presentation or pitch only a few people can recall them. So, in this post, we brainstormed the most crucial things investors must understand about your company.

You’ll be fortunate if they recall even one or two of those things in the midst of 1000 different firms pitching beside you.

If you simply explain your thoughts correctly, you will outperform 99 percent of startups. Because understanding is required before anyone would recall.

So, How should you make a pitch deck?

How To Make a Pitch Deck?

Keep things clear, simple & straightforward

I’ll say it again: your presentations must Not be unreadable, difficult, or complex. Slides must be clear, simple & straightforward.


Let’s speak about clear presentations now. Investors would be unable to grasp it if they cannot read it. The area would be packed with around dozens of investors. They won’t all be able to sit on the first row. There might be a possibility that many of those investors can be old people, their vision might well be impaired.

Clear slides would be those that could be read by even the most illiterate elderly persons seated in the back row. This is how you do it:

  • Make use of huge font.
  • The text is bold.
  • A clean font.
  • Background Contrast.


Let’s start with simple slides. Simple concepts are easy to grasp.

Simple concepts are those that aren’t entwined with others. They are a single fold. They are a single concept. As a result, a single slide represents one concept. Do not cram too many ideas onto your presentations. This is how you complicate things. Some concepts may require well over one slide to illustrate a point, but you really should make every effort to do it in just one.


Let’s start with straightforward slides. Slides that really are pretty clear may be read at a glimpse. Here is another basic test you may apply to determine whether a slide is straightforward: Present it to a friend and request them to interpret it for you. You fail if they don’t quickly express your idea.

This is due to the fact that straightforward concepts are relatively easy to grasp. Why do we worry about grasping pace? On pitching day, these 2 main factors will pose problems for you.

  • Time.
  • Distraction

Investors are much more quickly sidetracked than the common people. Since they are restless and their time is money. If they don’t understand what you’re saying immediately, they’ll check their phone.

We can’t make investors gaze and pay attention to you all day. Even if it’s your work, it’s difficult to concentrate on more than 100 presentations. Have some mercy! To avoid this, ensure that whatever pitch deck you display is instantly understandable.

Get you a winning pitch deck!!

Impresed By You

Investors put their money into teams, not presentations. Your slides must help to clarify your views. Don’t allow your slides to divert attention away from what you’re speaking aloud. You really would like to make an impression on them. It’s not your slides.

Nevertheless, there’s really 1 exception to this principle: if your aim is to demonstrate complexities or to overload the listener. This frequently occurs whenever a startup wishes to highlight how difficult a challenge they are attempting to solve.

What to include in a Pitch Deck?

They emphasize the instance on that presentation that their technology wraps out hundreds of functions into a single system. To emphasize their argument, they present a presentation with each and every on-demand service throughout every sector, market, and vertical grouped on a matrix.


Let us now discuss screenshots. Screenshots in ppt are typically something I hate. Screenshots are usually unreadable, confusing, and difficult to understand. They violate all three rules! Most interfaces have excessively small text (not clear). The majority of interfaces perform many functions (not simple). Most screenshots require more than a cursory glance to comprehend (not straightforward).