Put another way, the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program (PMEGP) is a government-supported credit-linked subsidy initiative. The government will pay 15 to 35 percent of the value of the project for those who qualify under this program. Khadi and Village Industries Commission implements PMEGP, an MSME project (KVIC). If you’re a businessman, PMEGP could help you get started on a new venture. To learn more about the PMEGP program, continue reading.

PMEGP Project Report Format


  • To create jobs in India’s developed and emerging region by establishing new self-employment programs, micro-enterprises, & ventures.
  • To the extent possible, to provide self-employment options for geographically scattered local artisans/unemployed rural and urban youngsters in their locations.
  • To provide stable and persistent work opportunities for rural & unemployed young, as well as potential and traditional craftspeople, and thus to stop rural youth migration to metropolitan regions.
  • To increase the income-generating capability of artisans & to accelerate the employment rate in rural and urban regions.

PMEGP Project Report Sample

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Components Of PMEGP Project Report Format

Let’s talk about the typical structure for the project report for PMEGP bank loans.

Introductory page.

  • In this section, your business will be introduced.
  • In this section, you must discuss your firm’s objective and why you choose this particular industry.

Project Synopsis

  • You need to include the current state of your company in your project description.
  • Consumption time for labour or production should be had.
  • There should also be a statement of the whole corporate budget.

Project Scope

  • A concise description of your company’s scope is essential.
  • Including the planned amount of work and the percentage of work that has already been accomplished is a good idea.
  • A concise summary of the findings and a strategy for future actions must be presented.

More details on the Promoters.

  • The promoters serve as a mediator for the firm that aids in its promotion.
  • A report must include information on the promoters, including their educational and professional backgrounds and any relevant experience they have had.

Personnel information.

  • The personnel of this company must be described in depth.
  • Additionally, it’s important to explain their educational background.
  • In addition, it is important to provide information about the company’s management team.

Buildings and Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure facilities, including whether or not the equipment has been installed, must also be specified.
  • In addition, describe the working conditions of the facilities and the equipment that is utilized.
  • The kinds of equipment used by the company may be included.

Customer information.

  • What sort of clients are you trying to reach with your company products must be clearly stated in a business plan.
  • The specifics of the potential consumer should also be included, such as whether or not they are from a large corporation and how much they can afford to spend in this industry.

Regional Operations.

  • Often, a business may open new locations around the country. According to the needs of the company, branches could be established both domestically and globally.
  • Whenever you produce a project report, you’ll need to describe the various configurations you’ve built in each location, as well as the operational teams.

Fiscal tie-ups and acquisitions

  • In the project report, you must provide the names of the people with whom you have formed a partnership or acquired a stock or other asset, as well as the specifics of the transaction.

Methods of funding

  • Financial corporations, commercial partners, or anybody else may provide the finance for a company.
  • As a result, it is critical to note where the financing is originating from in the report.

Balance sheets

  • Balance sheets show how money was spent.
  • Also highlighted is where the money was spent and how much of it was spent in each category. This balance sheet contains all of the company’s financial information.
  • If you want the financial institution to trust you, you need to present your company’s balance sheets.

Profit and Loss Statements

  • As part of the report, it is necessary to provide information on its expected profit and its current profitability.
  • If a company is generating money or incurring losses, it is essential to show this information to the bank and include it in the project report.

Fund Flow Statement

  • Suppose a company or government provides financial support. In that case, the project report must detail how and where that investment is used and the types of businesses that benefit from that support.

Break-Even Point Evaluation

  • Provide balanced evaluations of the entire project report and provide information about your full firm.
  • Project Feasibility Ratio: Choosing the cost, discount, and income ratios


  • In this section, sum up your entire project report in a brief, two-page summary.