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The project report for Two wheeler workshop is as follows.

India is the world’s 2nd-biggest 2-wheelers distributor and manufacturer. Over the last few years, Indian 2 wheeler business has expanded gloriously. Massive 128 million of India’s population is strongly dependent on the service sector to increase its GDP, which would be around 69 per cent of total GDP. This number is expected to increase by 80 percent by 2020! This is also a considerable power source of employment oppurtunities. The service sector contains a variety of sectors such as healthcare, financial services, automotive industry and banking, which have grown by 28 percent over the past five years. This is way greater than 7 per cent GDP growth.

Huge potential of Quality 2 wheeler service providers . Everyone faces an acute time shortages, they want a workshop with suitable time to pick up and drop facilities at your doorstep and also to help older people on the road when failures occur. Insufficient public transport system, particularly in the semi-urban and rural areas.

The company provides the following services:

1.Two wheeler services
2. Technological advancement implemented rectification of complaints
3. Complete engine service with appropriate company recommended tools  
4. Special electric ramps allow greater bicycle safety
5. Use genuine accessories only
6. Customer call back after service
7. Road aid facility
8. Insurance insurance claim
9 Customer service at no charge
10.Total inspection and fine tuning of bikes

Market potential & Strategy

Everyone faces acute time shortages. They need to have someone for pick-up and drop facility workshop at a suitable time at your doorstep and also help older people on the route when failure occurs. India, a nation where you can get pizza by telephoning in just 30 minutes; but what tends to happen when one’s 2 wheeler experiences trouble on the road? We are aiming to be the shooters in trouble. Sadly none of these services were delivered.

The company provides roadside assistance, additional cost for picking and dropping two wheelers, quick response for our regular customers and the unique list continues. These are the whole business’s USPs compared to standard service garages.

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