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The project report for Buffalo Farm (Dairy Farm) is as follows.

Dairying is a major source of income for farmers and farm workers.

Besides milk, the animal dunk provides a good source of various nutrition that improve soil fertility and yeilds better crops.

In India mostly in rural area,  gobar gas is used as fuel for household purposes as well as for running motors to pump the water from the well.

The excess fodder and farm by-products are used profitably for feeding animals. Bulls stranght are used for farming and transport.

Because agriculture is often seasonal, there is a chance for many people to find job opportunities across the year through dairy farming.

Market potential & Strategy

The daily farm is among India’s oldest and most widely used sector.

India has been the world’s largest dairy producer since 1997. (actually approximately 400 million liters a day) and the world’s milk user.

The intake per capita is small and we eat meat, ghee and butter (other value-added meat items – curd, cheese, flavored yogurt, condensed milk).

Users enjoy antibiotic-free milk, which is packaged in glass bottles rather than in plastic bags.

Most people are much more mindful of animal rights, the environment and others and would like to eat milk from small farms as animals graze freely rather than feed soy and maize

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