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The project report for Flex Printing is as follows.

Flex printing is a type of outdoor promotion. 70% of the flex banners now are printed digitally on large printers that can print a full-color outdoor billboard on a singular piece of banner. These day, the flex and banner markets in India are expanding quickly. In addition, the product is the most useful tool for just any sort of outdoor advertising. Almost in every city, which include Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore, Hyderabad , Chennai, and Kolkata, we could see rising population. People use banners in almost every types rally and functions. In addition, companies that operate in the different sectors use flex for diverse uses. Flex seems to be the only method for outdoor media advertising, apart from digital signage. In addition, flex banners are used in mostly all event by every school, educational institution, and sports organization.

Service provided by this company.

  1. Printed Flex/ Vinyl

  2. Printed Flex/ Vinyl

  3. Printed BackLid Flex/ Vinyl

  4. Printed Front Lid Flex/ Vinyl

  5. Visiting Cards

  6. Books 

  7.  Magazines

  8. Posters ets

Market potential & Strategy

Market potential is calculated primarily by assessing specific aspects and among the most crucial is the size of the market-as the project is a printing industry, the primary target business will be shops, so the demographic classification that includes age, socio-economic class as well as lifestyle is appropriate. If market growth is involved, the growth is viewable, people’s per capita spending is high mostly due to rising profits from the vast middle class, revenue-generating businesses, and NRI money. And for a company like Print Industry, the expenditure patterns and people’s styles are essential. Thus, as a result of lifestyle changes and income increases, people are spending more on advertising which makes the market expand. 

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