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With shifting customer lifestyle choices and interests and raising danger to people due to frequency of infectious diseases, there’s been a rising want for immediate and productive defense toward germs. The benefits of the item, such as easy to hold, as it fits nicely into one’s wallet or purse that is to be utilised without liquid or soap, and therefore it is helpful for the customer to maintain hands healthy and tidy, thereby increasing the requirement for hand sanitizer items in the region. New competitors and smaller players now occupy the Indian sanitizer market, which increased further than fourfold just after novel coronavirus pandemic.

The valuation of the sanitizer industry was Rs 43 crore in March from Rs 10 crore annually, as per Nielsen India, as the extremely infectious virus quickly spread despite the country’s strictest lockdown. A maximum of 152 new makers began manufacturing sanitizers in March, with a profit margin of 61% and a share of 46 percent. Although no flu vaccination is yet accessible for the new coronavirus, washing hands with sanitizers containing minimum 60% alcohol is regarded an appropriate means of avoiding infections that have expanded to even more than 3 million people around the globe and to more than 42,000 in India.

Market potential & Strategy

In the present situation, with both the spread of a range of chronic diseases, the hand sanitizing industry is now in the flourishing era, which has instilled a sense of self awareness by many buyers for maintaining oneself sanitized. This report will provide a comprehensive assessment of hand sanitizer product lines and their ability to function with cultural and expected value and also density together with the top-performing companies described in the study. The existence of hand sanitizer product categories is on the market for a long time, and Indian consumers really aren’t regularly used to consume hand sanitizers.

Mostly during swine flu, SARS epidemic, and COVID-19 (coronavirus), hand sanitizer items have come to light in which individuals have become health conscious. Now the routine is going to suddenly change so every person can pass a disinfectant with them as well the moment. This demonstrates the size of the region and the massive requirement for the product. The Indian hand sanitizer industry is divided into three aspects, like liquid, gel as well as other (foam).

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