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The project report  for Incense Stick is as follows.

India is a large country and every Indians accepts different religions, speak distinct languages and adopt different traditions and customs.

Despite this diversity one point is common among all Indians is that they are all profoundly religious and regularly practice their religious activities. Thus, based on their belief, process of practice and convenience, nearly all people use either one or two from agarbatti (incense sticks), candles or Kapoor (camphor tablets).

This itself says loudly of Agarbatti, Candles and Kapoor ‘s paramount significance.

Also, individuals use it as air-freshener, and lighting. Agarbatti and other preparations that operate by torching (candles, Kapoor) Industry is a real creator of job opportunities and is able to provide employment for the poor people of both urban and rural populations.

Market potential & Strategy

The firm is planning to produce the following. There are mainly  4 varieties

          a) perfumed agarbatti

          b) masala agarbatti

          c) plain agarbatti

          d) mosquito repellent agarbatti

Agarbatti, candle and camphor tablets have enormous demand on both the domestic and foreign markets, most often in the usa and european countries.

India supplies such products to nearly 90 per cent of the world ‘s countries.

Several export companies are based in Delhi , Mumbai , Kolkata and Bangalore Therefore advertising for this item is not an issue at all. They pick up products directly from the area.

In the home market too, the products are having better demand. Many other manufacturing plants are involved in the construction of similar products.

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