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Wealth and leisure goes hand – in – hand forever. India, as a growing economy and is an integral part of the overall spa luxury market. Surfacing as a top players in the international spa market, India is listed right after Europe and America.

India possesses the ability to surpass $154.6 billion in annual revenue by 2022. Today, India’s spa industry has seen steady growth of 8% over the past couple of years in every quarter of the current business year.

And, that isn’t even the maximum potential of India’s spa industry scope, which is still fairly unexplored.

A spa is a commercial company offering top-end beauty and health therapies. Even a spa could be regarded a natural mineral spring which has some health-giving effects.

The spa sector has become a modern health consumer product that had been used by several people who have different names over the years. It had been officially launched nowadays by capitalists detecting the large profit margin of their project under such a consistent manner.

Market potential & Strategy

The size of the world’s Spa market is anticipated to reach $23.4 billion by 2025, increasing by 12.3 per cent cagr during the projected period.

Medical spas are becoming a big trend for both people of both genders. A medical spa could be comprehended as a mixture of a classical spa and a health clinic.

These spas are a wonderful combination of the comforting spa treatments and medically-driven methods provided by professional experts. The basic distinction among the conventional spa and the clinical spa is the type of treatment offered.

Medical spas are most frequently set up for the diagnosis of an illness or indication. Any practices carried out here shall be carried out by professionals using medicines. Except for day spa, all facilities are offered and conducted underneath the care of a doctor, mostly just a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

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