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Project report for Alum Manufacturing Plant is as follows.

Alum (aluminium sulphate) is a harmless fluid which is widely used to clear drinkable water in treatment plants. It has been utilized in lakes since the early 1970s to lower phosphorus levels in the water.

Phosphorus levels are reduced, which means there are fewer algae blooms and the signs of poor water quality. The most common application of alum is to limit phosphorus emission from lake bottom sediments (internal loading).

Internal cycling could maintain substantial nuisance algal blooms even though various factors of phosphorus from the neighboring watershed are reduced, as per study.

Alum is sprayed to lakes utilizing instruments and boats to guarantee that the stuff is placed precisely in the lake. When liquid alum comes into contact with water, it produces a fluffy aluminium hydroxide precipitate known as floc. Aluminum hydroxide (the active component in over-the-counter antacids like Maalox) bonds to phosphorus to create an aluminium phosphate complex.

Because the molecule is water insoluble, the bonded phosphorus could no longer be utilised to grow algae. Phosphorus and particulates are eliminated from the water column when the floc settles, making the water significantly cleaner.

With internal loading periods, the floc creates a tiny layer on the base that attaches the phosphorus because it leaches out of the bed sediments. The floc layer prevents phosphorus from reaching the underlying water, preventing it from reaching the algae. Instead of eradicating all algae, the outcome is a decrease in the number and severity of unwanted algal bloom.

Humans have been proved to be safe with alum on several occasions. Alum is a popular food ingredient that has also been used to purify our drinking water prior to use for years. When performing a lake enhancement treatment, HAB employs the very same drinking water approved alum.

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