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Project report for Bamboo Stick making is as follows.

In addition to being resistant to insects and dampness, bamboo sticks are among the toughest timbers available. For this reason, it is a suitable material for outdoor sticks. Both linseed oil and flaxseed oil may be used to maintain the smoothness and protection of a bamboo stick. A simple technique to tell if a stick is composed of Bamboo or rattan is by looking at the canes.

Most bamboo species have a natural lifespan of fewer than two years without any preventive treatment. Untreated Bamboo may endure for four to seven years if kept dry and covered in addition to its strength and flexibility, eco-friendly attributes, lightweight and portable, practical and pleasant, its simple maintenance, etc. Bamboo is an excellent material for sticks.

Bamboo stick industry is expanding at a rapid pace. Other than that, there is very little stockpile of Bamboo raw material available. As a result, the establishment of a bamboo plantation forest is essential.

A bamboo stick is a new green resource that is quickly gaining in popularity. As a class of non-timber forest products, the Bamboo stick can displace wood as a building material. Bamboo’s success in the stick sector can be observed in various goods such as particleboard, bamboo plywood, bamboo veneer, laminated veneer timber, paper, and textiles, among others.

The cost of Bamboo is lower than that of most other construction materials. Bamboo is widely used in handicrafts, such as lampshades, papers, baskets, table hoods, and Hindu religious rites. The majority of the Balinese population depends on the bamboo processing sector for their livelihood.

Market potential & Strategy

The worldwide bamboo stick market is expected to develop as it is employed in interior design and bamboo production due to increased building volumes. There has been a rise in environmental awareness, which has increased the demand for bamboo sticks.

Many people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives, and Bamboo is a good choice for items and sticks. Like a tree, Bamboo releases 36 percent more oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide 40 percent more effectively than other options. Moreover, the design is visually appealing. As a result, the global bamboo furniture market is expected to experience a continuous climb in its development curve as the millennial generation adopts a more sustainable lifestyle.

A wide range of bamboo sticks may be used to create a vast range of parts. Unlike wood sticks, bamboo sticks are a relatively new invention. Chairs, couches, bookcases, cabinets, and tables may all be made from Bamboo. Design freedom is increased since bamboo sticks do not maintain the unique form of the Bamboo raw material from which it is created. New market possibilities are created as a result of these variables.

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