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Project report for Bio Gas Plant is as follows.

Small-scale digesters are expected to grow rapidly throughout the projection period, owing to low capital needs and rising demand in emerging countries. Dendro Liquid Energy (DLE), Home Biogas, and BioBang are just a few of the innovations that have enticed new players and propelled the industry ahead.

Small-scale digesters have a capacity of less than 250kW, and their share of the global market is growing due to lower investment and infrastructure needs. Small-scale digesters are crucial in rural areas of underdeveloped nations. Digesters are most often used in stoves for cooking and heating due to a lack of modern technology.

The usage of biogas for domestic uses is expected to grow as a result of government initiatives throughout the projected period. The Government of India, for example, established the National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP), which provides subsidies for the building of biogas plants for domestic use, mostly in rural and semi-urban areas/households. Approximately 49 lakh micro digesters were established in India as a result of the initiative in 20-21.

Market potential & Strategy

The capacity factor of biogas plants is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.74 percent b/w 2021 and 2026, reaching 26.75 GW by 2026 from 20.15 GW in 2020.

Using sustainable energy sources, such as biogas, may help reduce the world’s growing carbon footprint and, therefore, the average rate of global warming. Favourable government rules and an increasing proportion of biogas and biomethane blends are driving the market for biogas plants. However, the expanding use of alternative renewable energy sources, as well as high initial investment and installation costs, may put a damper on the biogas plant business.

Small-scale digesters are widely used in Asian countries including India, Thailand, and China. The proportion has increasingly increased in European countries and the United States. As of September 2020, more than 263 anaerobic digester units were operating on cattle ranches in the United States, as per the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Overall, the small-scale digester category is expected to grow over the forecast period because of low capital investment needs, rising demand in emerging countries, and supporting government initiatives.

The United States is the key driver of North American biogas demand. Increasing demand for the product in applications such as cooking gas, electricity, car fuel, and heat is expected to drive market expansion during the projected period. High demand for green fuels, stringent environmental rules, and rising refinery construction expenditures are important drivers of regional market development.

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