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Project report for Camphor Tablet is as follows.

Camphor pills are used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including pain and swelling relief, muscle relaxation, and congestion and cough relief. They are employed in the production of a variety of pharmaceuticals.

Growing market from health industry is hence the key driver of camphor tablet industry growth. Another factor driving market expansion for camphor tablets is the high usage of camphor tablets for religious ceremonies in India. Camphor is said to be holy and precious material that is presented to God in thanksgiving. As a result, camphor tablets have a lot of room for expansion in Asia Pacific throughout the predicted period. Camphor pills are also used to keep insects and moths at bay in agriculture.

It is used as a repellant in agricultural as well as in domestic activities to keep reptiles and insects at bay. As a result, there is consistent demand for camphor tablets from the agricultural business.

Camphor pills are also used in skin care products to treat acne and pimples. As a result of camphor’s positive characteristics, the chemical industry incorporates it into numerous skin care and hair care products.

Camphor is used in the creation of practically all sweet meals in Europe. Camphor is a vital element in Arabian cooking. Camphor is used as an essential in various sweet recipes in India.

Market potential & Strategy

The global camphor market is expected to reach $500 million by 2025, increasing at a CAGR of 5.5 percent between 2020 and 2025. Camphor is increasingly being used in a variety of applications due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Furthermore, increasing applications of camphor in the treatment of cough, congestion, skin infections, and reducing pain in joints and swelling, among others, contribute to the expansion of this market during the forecast period.

Camphor is a combustible, waxy, clear or white substance with a strong fragrant odour. Camphor is derived from a big evergreen tree found in Asia called camphor laurel.

It is also known as the kapur tree, a wood tree found in the same area. Camphor, in addition to its natural origin, may be synthesised from turpentine oil. Synthetic camphor is available in powder, pill, and block form. In Asia Pacific, particularly India, they are utilised for a variety of medical uses, as an essence in cooking, and for religious rites.

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