Project Report For Computer Sales & Repair Service


The project report for Computer Sales & Repair Service is as follows.

Computer sales & service is among the brightest ideas for individuals who are tech-savvy. If you have the expertise and qualifications of computer software and hardware as well as understand how to various assemble computers components then this is a great option to create your own business and use those skills to run your own business and acquire a comfortable living, rather than devoting yourself to the advantage of somebody else. In recent years, the Indian technology sector has witnessed huge growth. Computer assembling business in our country is increasing at a rate of 12-18 per cent per year.

As with smartphones, computers have become an essential part of everybody’s life. Branded computers are expensive and cannot be used in custom configuration. If it is assembled, the necessary configuration and inexpensive rate can be obtained at a cheap price. Price can be decreased in long term for mark value and promotion. Computers have become essential for different applications that we use daily

We acquire components from suppliers selling branded components, according to customer orders and assemble them at the unit and configure all essential software and fix it at the customer’s desired location. And we also supply all accessories like Printers, UPS, Scanner, Modem etc. We deliver all after-sales services and take on all kinds of repairs and maintenance as well.

Market potential & Strategy

There is a population boom of educated young people in India. Also, enhance the effectiveness and the educational methods. A part of that is computer education. More has been established in India over the IT and ITE Industry and the magnitude of internet access is being greatly enhanced. 4 G’s launched already. The expectation is that 5 G will launch soon. Therefore, computer requirements are growing significantly.

The Indian Desktop sector, projected at Rs.10,452 crore, is split into the Commercial and Consumer market, out of which the Commercial market contributes 67 per cent of total sales. In the old days, so many branded Manufacturing companies along with HCL have been selling to corporations, government, business professionals and, to a certain point, the renowned educational institutes. But these companies have also recently begun attacking individual customers to enhance their market dominance. Not so long ago, gathered PCs were regarded as the best value-for-money PCs especially in comparison to branded PCs.

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