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The project report for Dairy Farm is as follows.

India has always been the world’s largest supplier and buyer of dairy based products since 1998 with a steady rise in the production of milk and milk powder. Dairy operations are an integral part of the rural market in India, operating as a significant means of employment and wealth.

India does have the highest beef population on the planet. Even so, production of milk from each animal is considerably low relative to big dairy farmers.

Besides that, almost all of India’s dairy products are consumed locally, the bulk of which are offered as liquid milk. As a result, the dairy industry has a huge potential for value-added and overall growth.

As per the latest data by the IMARC Group, entitled “Dairy Industry in India 2020 Edition: Market Size, Growth, Prices, Segments, Cooperatives, Private Dairy, Purchase and Distribution,” the Indian dairy industry reached INR 10.540 billion in 2019.

In addition to providing lucrative business opportunities, the dairy industry in India acts as a mechanism for socio-economic growth. Taking that into consideration, the Government of India has put in place various policies and initiatives focused on developing the dairy system in the country.

Market Potential Of Dairy Farm

But at the other side, private involvement in the Indian dairy industry has also risen over the last few years. Many national and foreign players are joining the dairy business, drawn by the scale and growth of the Indian market. The emphasis is on value-added items such as cheese , yoghurt, probiotic beverages, etc. They are also launching revolutionary goods, bearing in mind the unique requirements of Indian consumers. These players are also developing their packaged milk network, that further facilitates the growth of the dairy market in India.

Project Report Sample On Dairy Farm

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