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The project report for Invoice discounting is as follows.

97% of small and medium-sized enterprises in India encountered late payment of invoices. 56 per cent of Indian MSME compromise with labour capital issues due to improper payout on their invoices. Invoice discounting is indeed the origin of working capital finance for both the vendor of credit products. Bill discounting is an agreement whereby the seller collects the number of the sales bill from either the commercial banks before it becomes due. Such middlemen charge a fee. This practice of discounting bills worldwide is far more common as we believe, which has been a well-recognised method of providing finance in developed countries.

With time evolving, a worldwide need for a smooth integration of working capital has been established. Bill discounting is now the easiest way to get working capital since there is no collateral so it is cheap and time-efficient. It also provides the additional advantage of using the secret things in your balance sheet, such as receivables, to get the far-needed cash. Although SMEs developing on a regular basis, bill discounting and its benefits are becoming the need of the hour.

Market potential & Strategy

Small, small and micro enterprises (MSMEs) operate on slim margins and need to pay invoices quickly in order to prevent a lack of working capital. However, due to the poor negotiating power of small and medium-sized companies, their working capital is frequently stuck in receivables as they operate on an unfavourable credit schedule for products and services rendered to corporate purchasers. This dilemma is compounded due to the presence of a large funding deficit for MSMEs. In order to close the gap between both the invoice date and its due date, discounted invoices have arisen as a funding mechanism for companies who are unable to obtain financing options, like short-term loans and working capital loans.

In the event of discounting the invoice, the vendor, rather than preparing for the transaction to be received by the customer, shall in advance collect a certain amount of the invoice sum from the financial agent. The Indian Invoice discount industry market is about USD 100 billion, the business is rising with each day as India’s market is improving and major investments are being made in the infrastructure, transportation, logistics and manufacturing sectors.

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