Project Report For Lemon Farming


Project report for Lemon Farming is as follows.

Citrus is a widely grown fruit. Lemon is a citrus fruit that belongs to the major group of citrus fruits. It’s most famous because of its pulp and juice all around the globe. Citrus fruits are consumed as food or juice all over the globe.

Lemon are converted into extract for further use. The Lemon Extract is the end product of combining lemon peel oil with enough alcohol to keep the lemon scent all through the operation. It is made up of vitamin C and citric acid concentrations. Natural substances like lemon extract are gaining popularity across the world. Lemon extracts are utilised as a flavouring ingredient since they are a safe and natural substitute for artificial preparations. Lemon extract is made from both organic and conventional lemons. Organic lemon extracts are much more fresh and devoid of chemicals.

It contains a lot of vitamin C and citric acid, as well as calcium, potassium, iron, and other trace nutrients. It is much more intense than lime juice because to the presence of lemon oil, alcohol, and a low water level. Lemon extract is an organic cleaner that assists in weight reduction, stimulates digestion, decreases stress, regulates pH levels, and fights cancer.

Lemon extracts are well-known for their nutritive benefits as well as a variety of health advantages, including protection from digestive damage and relief of bladder infections. End-use sectors such as medicines and nutraceuticals have benefited from these capabilities, which has boosted product demand.

Market potential & Strategy

The desire for organic food additives and citrus tastes is driving the expansion of the lemon extract business. Furthermore, the growing demand for citrus flavours including such lemon extract in the food processing sector is putting a positive spin on industry growth. Furthermore, rising public knowledge of the advantages of lemon extract, like antibacterial as well as other medicinal perks, as well as many therapeutic qualities, is also another driver driving market expansion. This is largely due to the introduction of new citrus-flavored goods, like lemon extract, essential oils, and many others.

Lemon extract is increasingly in demand in medicines as a flavouring component in oral syrups and is also employed in a variety of different medications due to its antibacterial qualities, which aid in the elimination of chronic bacteria that cause colds and flu. Moreover, macroeconomic drivers like rising disposable incomes, increased consumer yearly incomes, and expenditure on spas & salons, wherein lemon derive commodities are utilised in massage oils for pleasure, aromatherapy, and relaxation, are propelling the worldwide lemon market.

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