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The project report for Mineral mixture for cattle and poultry feed is as follows.

Animal diets include organic forms of trace minerals like copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. Mineral chelates are better absorbed, digested, and used by animals than inorganic minerals. Lower concentrations can thus be employed in animal diets. Furthermore, animals fed chelated sources of critical trace elements excrete less in their faeces, resulting in reduced environmental pollution.

Mineral chelates are also beneficial to animal nutrition in terms of health and welfare. One of the most significant advancements in animal nutrition is the notion of optimum protein. It aids the animal in maintaining a balanced amino acid pattern in order to enhance growth performance and nitrogen retention in cattle. To boost the efficiency of livestock animals, a variety of amino acids are provided as supplements.

Anyone may establish a cow and poultry feed manufacturing business on a small or large scale. Furthermore, you might begin making solely cow feed or only poultry feed. First and foremost, choose the elements in the proper proportions. The particles should next be sent through a disintegrator or pulverizer to decrease their size to the necessary mesh size. Then, using the formula, weigh the various powdered raw ingredients. Pour them into a ribbon blender to ensure even blending.

At this point, add vitamins, minerals, and molasses. When the components have been equally combined, extrude them to form a pallet or the completed product. As a result, the produced product is taken out and put in gunny bags, and you will need to keep distinct mixing formulas for different varieties of the product. The formulation of cow feed is heavily influenced by the type of cattle, milk output, dairy ration, and so on. It is also critical to consider the availability of fundamental raw ingredients and their current pricing while developing cow feed.

Market potential & Strategy

The Indian poultry feed sector, which is based on healthy poultry development, has a lot of untapped potentials. However, the southern half of India accounts for the majority of poultry production and consumption. As per industry analysts, the poultry feed market will increase at a CAGR of roughly 8% between 2020 and 2021. When compared to traditional feed, the potential for packaged feed is predicted to develop at a faster rate in the future years. the Indian feed business is in a highly exciting growth period.

Animal nutrition is an essential element of animal healthcare, accounting for around 31% of the overall animal health business. Poultry nutraceuticals are expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9%, while cattle nutraceuticals are expected to increase at a CAGR of 6%. Milk boosters, such as calcium supplements, are driving the animal health nutrition industry, followed by mineral combinations and fat supplements.

Calcium supplements and mineral combinations account for 85 per cent of the overall nutraceuticals market in the bovine category, with bypass fat accounting for the remaining 4 per cent. The remaining 11% is made up of probiotics, vitamin premix, and other supplements. Similarly, amino acid supplements and toxin binders account for 58% of total poultry nutraceuticals, with vitamin premixes accounting for 17%, growth boosters accounting for 6%, and enzymes and probiotics accounting for 6%.

In India, demand for chicken, meat, and eggs is very income and price elastic, while supply is similarly high prices elastic. India, the world’s second-largest growing economy, currently boasts a sizable and fast increasing poultry and animal industry. Rising consumer incomes and a movement in industrial structure toward integrated ownership and coordination of the input, production, and marketing processes involved in manufacturing are driving development in India.

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