Project Report For Mobile Accessories


The project report for Mobile Accessories is as follows.

Project report for the development of mobile headsets/chargers. Indian appliance and consumer electronics (ACE) industry hit Rs 2.05 trillion (USD 31.48 billion) in 2017. It is projected to rise by 9% to Rs 3.15 trillion ( US$ 48.37 billion ) by 2022. Electronic manufacturing production in the nation amounted to Rs 3.88 trillion ( US$ 60.13 billion ) in FY18, up 26.7% in CAGR among FY14-18. The market for computer devices in India is projected to cross US$ 400 billion by FY24. There is a lot of opportunities for development in local consumers, with demand projected to rise in these regions as product penetration increases.

Broadly speaking, sustainable market exports amounted to US$ 0.78 billion in 2017. Consumer electronic exports from India amounted to US$ 362.12 million in FY18 and US$ 267.15 million between Apr-Nov 2018. Consumer electronic products are expected to see increasing demand in rural areas in the near future, as the government aims to continue investing in rural electricity production.

Market potential & Strategy

India is expected to appear as a possible major manufacturing hub for the country, given that the government demonstrates sufficient resources and emphasis on this field. Development in the Indian consumer electronics region can be traced to increased demand from residences, evolving individual lifestyles, easy exposure to credit, and increasing disposable incomes.

The government’s deliberate decline in import bills, combined with government and corporate expenditure, is expected to balance the significant level in this region.

In India, different companies have purchased raw materials, e.g. earphones, data cables, etc. from China. Although our approach and plan is unique. We address consumers and deliver them which they should not need to import completed goods from China rather than importing raw materials from China.

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