Project Report For Pickles Manufacturing


The project report for pickle manufacturing is as follows.

The global pickles industry valued at US$ 10.3 billion in 2018. Pickles are really a good source of important nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium and potassium and exhibit antioxidants.

They are designed to maintain or prolong the lifetime of a fruit , vegetable or combination of both, either through anaerobic fermentation in brine or by absorption in vinegar.

They are recognized for a variety of health – related advantages, like enhancing nutrition, providing vital vitamins and nutrients, and decreasing ulcers.

Pickles & Chutney is indeed an Indian traditional specialty and it has acquired a significant place in Indian culinary.

They were consumed together with the main dish and have an enticing taste. Pickles are made from vegetables and fruit which complement the diet with essential nutrients.

Market potential & Strategy

Pickets are among the most essential consumer goods. Pickles are of different varieties in both vegetation and non-veg. The most common pickles in India are mango, drumstick, brinzal, mirchi pickle, chicken pickle, fish pickle and prawn pickle.

Pickets are among the first consumer applications to arrive upon this industry. In Orissa and Andhra Pradesh, people consume a variety of pickles on a regular diet. Pickles are eaten alongside staples foods such as rice, chapathi, pasta, samosa, upma, etc.

In specific in both states, the supply of raw materials is high , especially in tribal regions.

As a result, pickles producing units can be encouraged in tribal areas. Pickets are part of Indian culinary tradition, and their demand is growing with each day. Hygiene products and accessibility are the critical success factor.

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