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The shoe polish business in India is a tiny one, worth around Rs. 110 crore. It is predominantly concentrated in urban India, which accounts for around 70% of overall sales. In India, shoe polish is the most popular type of polish. Demand for shoe polish has grown as the number of working professionals and students has increased. It is an excellent choice for new and small business owners. This industry requires a little initial investment and may be successful and lucrative in a short period of time. Shoe polish has market potential as well as export possibilities.

Shoe polish, sometimes known as boot polish, is a waxy paste, cream, or liquid that is used to polish, shine, and waterproof leather shoes or boots in order to extend the life of the footwear and repair, preserve, and improve its look. The textures of shoe polishes, which range from liquids to hard waxes, identify them. Most shoe polishes are made up of solvents, waxes, and colourants.

Shoe polish adds a waxy covering and sheen to leather shoes while protecting them against water, moisture, and hardening. Foreign substances quickly degrade the quality of leather, reducing the overall quality of the shoes. The wax and oil-based shoe polish provide waterproof protection, preventing stains, oil, dirt, and other contaminants from being entrenched in the shoes’ leather. Shoe polish is now made from a combination of natural and synthetic components, including dyes, turpentine, naphtha, and gum Arabic.

Market potential & Strategy

The Global Shoe Polish Market is anticipated to expand from INR 1, 10,73.509 crores in 2020 to INR 1, 24,64.480 crores by 2025. Increased sales of leather shoes and boots, as well as smart shoe materials resistant to oil, water, chemicals, filth, and other factors, are opening up new potential for shoe polishing producers. Furthermore, rising demand for liquid polish in metropolitan areas is likely to propel the total shoe polish market forward.

Changing fashion trends and the usage of several shoes for different situations are driving a surge in shoe sales internationally, as is the need for shoe polish. The growing usage of formal shoes by professionals is propelling the worldwide shoe polish industry forward. The worldwide shoe polish market is expanding due to the rising demand for goods such as moisturisers and conditioners for sparkling non-leather-based shoes.

The worldwide shoe polish market is being driven by rising demand for liquid spray shoe polish for both leather and synthetic materials-based shoes. Customers have more shoe polish product alternatives, particularly imported ones, thanks to e-commerce, which is boosting market expansion. Increased shoe sales are the key element driving the growth of the shoe polish market.

The increased requirement for shoes in the corporate sector to maintain a professional appearance, as well as the growth in the number of working women, is the cause for the increase in shoe sales and, as a result, the necessity for shoe polish. Certain types of shoes, such as pure-leather shoes, are pricey and frequently wear and tear with repeated usage.

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