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India, regarded as the Spice Kingdom, has a rich history of trade with the ancient cultures of Rome & China. Considering their wonderful scent, texture, flavour, and healing potential, Indian spices are now the greatest search in the world. India does have the world’s biggest domestic spice industry. Typically, spices in India were cultivated on tiny plots of land, with organic cultivation increasing in popularity over the years. India is the world’s greatest producer, user, and exporter of spices, producing around 76 of the 110 types recognized by the International Organization for Standardization and accounting for 50% of the worldwide spice trade.

During the period 2015-2020, the Indian spices industry expanded at a CAGR of 15%. Spices are ingredients that are mostly used for flavouring, colouring, or food preservation. They are often made by grinding a variety of fragrant seeds, dried fruits or vegetables, roots, barks, and so on. Spices enhance the fragrance, texture, and flavour of food without introducing fat or calories. India is presently one of several world’s major manufacturers of spices. Chili, turmeric, coriander, tamarind, cumin, mustard, fenugreek, and other popular spices are readily accessible throughout the nation.

Market potential & Strategy

The growing desire for creative flavours, genuine cuisines, and ethnic preferences in meals and snacks is boosting the Indian spice industry. Furthermore, considerable development in the food processing sector, as well as customers’ demanding working hours and sedentary habits are driving the need for quick meal alternatives. As a result, the increasing use of spices in processed & ready-to-eat food items is fueling the nation’s business growth. Aside from that, India’s increasing HoReCa industry is boosting overall growth.

Furthermore, the rising penetration of Western cuisine styles is fueling the desire for a wide range of innovative spices. Furthermore, the Indian government has enacted severe laws to combat spice adulteration, therefore encouraging the creation of healthier product variations. Moreover, rising consumer worries about the harmful health effects of artificial substances in spices are increasing the desire in the market for natural and organic spices. Thinking forwards, IMARC Group anticipates that the Indian spices industry will continue to develop rapidly within the next 5 years.

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