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We proud our self for being a Prominent & Leading Service Provider. We offer Subsidy Solutions, Financial Consultancy, Project Finance, Income Tax Planning & Compliance, Accounting Services and Legal Advisor

Raising finance is the toughest bottleneck that entrepreneurs have to face in today’s competitive world. Right amount of finances at the right time is pivotal for the success of businesses. We at Sharda Associates, help our clients to raise an adequate amount of finance for all kinds of projects. Services include:

  • Loan Syndication
  • Equity Financing / Venture Capital / Start-up Funding
  • SIDBI & Other Government Institutional Financing
  • Project Report
  • Project Appraisals & Feasibility Reports
  • CMA Data Preparation

Subsidies and grants from the Government of India act as a huge motivator for various businesses and can often be the reason behind early success of various industries. The only point of concern regarding subsidy availment is having proper knowledge regarding them. Government of India provides subsidies (Financial Assistance / Grant-in-Aids) for various sectors to support and promote its various initiatives like Make-in-India, Go-Vocal-for-Local, Minimum Support Prices, Agricultural Development, etc.

Income-tax Planning is the core factor of success or failure for any business. Proper tax planning may bring huge savings on account of less taxes and any noncompliance or wrong planning may result in huge outflows and penalties.


We provide all services relating to GST like return filing, GST Audits, GST Planning, etc. We aim to provide best services adhering all applicable laws & maximizing client’s profit.

World is constantly changing and growing on its own, with each passing day there are new innovations, new developments, new opportunities and new avenues. Along with these developments, challenges, loopholes, incompliances, chances of frauds / thefts, misuse of business information and risks involved in businesses also grow. Our Services includes


International tax is calculated on transactions coming across the border. It’s imposed on any individual who has property in one country and income flow to another.

With our deep understanding of worldwide tax and accounting, we help you analyze strategic transactions from every angle.  Our international tax specialist team is pleased to assist you in addressing the dynamic concepts of international taxation.

Our main goal at Sharda Associates is always to render the visions of our Customer into reality. You’ve just got to conceive the idea. We’ve got everything covered on all fronts from feasibility studies, financing, setup, launch. We don’t leave a stone unturned to create the dream into reality.


In today’s Global Economy, it is the need of the hour to have reliable, efficient and timely book-keeping and accounting. Maintenance of accounts and financial records are the base of any sound financial planning. It ensures that the functioning of business is in the right direction and tells the condition of business at any given point.

It is the base for any decision making and governs the future of the business. We at Sharda Associates, professionally handle all your book-keeping and accounting processes starting with data entry to account review till finalization of accounts. 

In order for a company to perform efficiently, it must be streamlined, organized and have rules and regulations in place. One could not simply ignore statutory compliance and would allow a considerable amount of time to be spent.

Dealing with regulatory and legal enforcement is a matter of considerable confusion, with businesses facing severe difficulties in dealing with any of these standards resulting in wasting their precious time and economic capital. A wide range of expertise, knowledge and experience should be given to reduce the likelihood of non-compliance with regulatory requirements.


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