Tax holiday under section 80-IA is available to the assessees who are engaged in providing infrastructure development facilities. Under this section, the eligible assessee will get a tax deduction on profits under the business head for a specified period of time

Section 80IA provides income deduction for enterprises in the business of developing, operating or maintaining the following:

Section 80IA Deduction 

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Infrastructure Facilities 

A firm owned by an Indian company or a company owned by an authority, board, organisation, or institution that falls under the Central or State Act is eligible for the infrastructure facilities deduction.

Telecommunication Service

Telecommunication services include all agencies that provide telecommunication services such as basic or cellular for radio paging, domestic satellite service or network of trunking, broadband network and internet services.

Industrial Parks 

The firm follows the guidelines set out by the federal government.  Industrial Parks have different durations.

Reconstruction of Power Plant

As per Section 80IA, the reconstruction of a power plant should be carried out to initiate the revival of a power generating plant that is owned by an Indian company.

Distribution of Natural Gas 

Natural gas distribution begins with the installation of pipes that transport the gas across the nation.