FSSAI is the abbreviation for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. An agency in India that regulates and administers the food industry. It is an autonomous agency set up by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. 

Why Is The FSSAI Registration Required

In the sense that, depending on the size and features of the organisation, FSSAI Registration differs from FSSAI License. The required registration or licence must be obtained by FBO.

The registration or licensing of the FSSAI shall be dependent on the amount and grounds of the company. Based on the installed capacity or turnover or venue, the applicants facilities are qualified for a license such as with a basic permit. a central license and a state license.

FSSAI Registration is a simple license but is needed for all FBOs participating in the small-scale food sector. This category refers to the following companies:-

FSSAI Registration Requirements

• Any FBO with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 12 lath. • Small retailer dealing in food good • Any individual who produces or sells any food item on his own  • Food purchases are made by a temporary stallholder.  • Any person who allocates food at any religious or social meeting except a caterer  • Small-scale or cottage businesses involved in the food industry.