FSSAI Registration – FSSAI Registration is a simple license but is needed for all FBOs participating in the small-scale food sector. This category refers to the following companies:

  • Any FBO with an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 12 lakh.
  • Small retailer dealing in food goods
  • Any individual who produces or sells any food item on his own
  • Food purchases are made by a temporary stallholder.
  • Any person who allocates food at any religious or social meeting except a caterer
  • Small-scale or cottage businesses involved in the food industry and the following:
FSSAI Registration process
1Food production capacity, excluding milk and meat.Up to 100 kg/ltr per day
2Food production capacity, excluding milk and meat.Up to 500 ltr per day
3Slaughtering capacity2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds per day or less

Procedure for Obtaining FSSAI Registration

  • Registration of FSSAI shall be initiated by submitting Form A (Application) to the Food and Safety Department.
  • This application may well be acknowledged or it may be refused by the Department in under 7 days from the date of approval of the request as well as the candidate must be informed of the refusal in writing.
  • If the offer is approved, the dept would then give the registration certificate with both the registration number as well as the picture of the individual.
  • FBO must obviously show the certificate of registration at the place of work throughout business hours.

Common documents needed for Basic, State and Central Registration are passport photos as well as photo ID proof. The preceding additional documents would be required for the State and Central License:

  • A completed and signed Form B
  • Address proof
  • List of food category and products
  • Layout plan of the proposed location
  • List of equipment
  • NOC from municipality
  • Incorporation certificate
  • List of directors/partners
  • MOA and AOA
  • Water test report
  • Import Export Code

FSSAI License Requirement

Among all other FBOs, other than small businesses, the FSSAI license must be acquired. The FSSAI License can be divided into two categories, i.e. State FSSAI License and Central FSSAI License depending on the size of the business, whether medium-sized or large-scale.

Usually, FBOs, which are large manufacturers, importers, exporters engaged in the large-scale food business, have to acquire FSSAI registration from the central government and FBOs, with small to medium-sized industrial sectors, transporters, marketers, traders, etc., to be registered by the state government. To implement for a State License, the FBO should have a turnover among Rs 12 lakh and Rs 20 crore.

Other situations involve production units with a capacity of 2MT per day, milk processing units with a capacity of up to 5000 litres per day. 3-star hotels or above, repackers, relabelled, clubs, canteens, all catering businesses, whatever their turnover, have to obtain a license. The duration of the license shall be no more than 5 years and no less than 1 year.

In order to extend for a central license, the FBO should have a profit margin of more than Rs. 20 crores but must operate in two or more states. All importers and exporters must extend for this license. The maximum duration is 5 years as well as the minimum duration is 1 year.

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