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Sharda Associates is one of the top project finance consultants. We are an experienced, skilled and effective team that provides highly customized and innovative financial solutions to companies around the nation.

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Raising finance is the toughest bottleneck that entrepreneurs have to face in today’s competitive world. Right amount of finances at the right time is pivotal for the success of businesses. We at Sharda Associates, help our clients to raise an adequate amount of finance for all kinds of projects. We assist promoters in raising finance from various sources at best possible rates and at best possible terms and conditions.

We are committed to helping you maximize the value of your business portfolio by providing diverse and innovative solutions to the financial needs of your business. Be it an entirely new project, expansion of an existing business, short term funds requirement or funding for working capital in an existing business, our Project Finance team works along with you to provide customized solutions for your business.

Project Finance Consultants In India

Our ubiquitous market presence is our asset which enables us to deliver best possible solutions. We ensure that all needs of our client are addressed through meticulous document preparations (Project Reports, Financial Statements, CMA Data, etc.), best negotiations, constant liaisoning and continuous follow-ups.


While raising finances for our clients, we also ensure that their projects are structured in the best possible manner so as to ensure that other dimensions like Income-tax, GST, Legal Compliances, Regulatory compliances, etc. are also taken care off for present as well as for future. We offers Project Financing services all over India 

Our Project Finance Services

  • Loan Syndication

  • Equity Financing / Venture Capital / Start-up Funding

  • SIDBI & Other Government Institutional Financing

  • Project Report

  • Project Appraisals & Feasibility Reports

  • CMA Data Preparation


Want funds at low interest rates ?

We guarantee that almost all our client’s needs are satisfied through fastidious document preparations, best negotiation process, continuous liaison and continuing follow-ups. When raising our clients’ funds, we always check that their projects are structured in the best possible way to ensure that certain aspects, such as income tax, GST, legal enforcement, regulatory compliance, etc., are also taken into account for both present and future. 

We offers Project Financing Consulting services all over India 


Stages In Project Finance

Pre Finance




Post Finance

Pre-Financing Stage

  • Identification of the Project Plan – This process includes identifying the strategic plan of the project and analysing whether it is plausible or not. In order to ensure that the project plan is in line with the goals of the financial services company, it is crucial for the lender to perform this step.
  • Recognising and Minimising the Risk – Risk management is one of the key steps that should be focused on before the project financing venture begins. Before investing, the lender has every right to check if the project has enough available resources to avoid any future risks.
  • Checking Project Feasibility – Before a lender decides to invest on a project, it is important to check if the concerned project is financially and technically feasible by analyzing all the associated factors.

Financing Stage

Being the most crucial part of Project Financing, this step is further sub-categorized into the following.

  • Arrangement of Finances – In order to take care of the finances related to the project, the sponsor needs to acquire equity or loan from a financial services organisation whose goals are aligned to that of the project
  • Loan or Equity Negotiation – During this step, the borrower and lender negotiate the loan amount and come to a unanimous decision regarding the same.
  • Documentation and Verification – In this step, the terms of the loan are mutually decided and documented keeping the policies of the project in mind.
  • Payment – Once the loan documentation is done, the borrower receives the funds as agreed previously to carry out the operations of the project.

Post-Financing Stage

  • Timely Project Monitoring – As the project commences, it is the job of the project manager to monitor the project at regular intervals.
  • Project Closure – This step signifies the end of the project.
  • Loan Repayment – After the project has ended, it is imperative to keep track of the cash flow from its operations as these funds will be, then, utilised to repay the loan taken to finance the project.

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