Goods And Service Tax (GST) Registration

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Documents Required For GST Registration


Who Should Register For GST?

Our nations largest indirect tax reform is the GST (Goods and Services Tax). It is a tax focused on destinations. GST is among the country’s major indirect tax reforms.


Aggregate Turnover Above ₹20 lakh

If you are engaged in any sector other than agriculture and your turnover is more than ₹20,00,000 in a financial year, you will be a taxable individual underneath the GST rule.

Operating in North Eastern Region

Companies operating in the North-East region in India and in some other states must register if their turnover crosses Rs 10 lakh.

NRI Doing Business In India

If you are an NRI operating in India, you are obligated to register under GST regardless of your company's turnover.

Operating An E-Commerce

All e-commerce operator and supplier must be registered under GST through an e-commerce aggregate.

Existing Taxpayers

The GST obligatorily must include entity with service tax or VAT or central excise tax registration.

Casual Taxable Persons

This group includes the individual who often offers products or services without a defined business location.

Online GST Registration in India