Statutory And Compliance Services

Statutory and compliance services refer to activities aimed at ensuring a company’s adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.

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Why Any Business Needs It?


For an organization to function smoothly, it needs to be streamlined, organized and must have proper rules and regulations in place. One cannot simply ignore statutory compliances and thus it requires a substantial amount to time to be invested. Dealing with Statutory and Legal compliances is a matter of great chaos, businesses faces extreme hardships complying with these requirements resulting in wasting their valuable time and economic resources. One should have a great set of skills, knowledge and experience to minimize the risk associated with non-compliance of statutory requirements.

Why Choose Us for Statutory and Compliance Services

Avoiding legal problems and penalties

We help you in compliance with requisite statutory requirements to avoid obvious consequences of non-compliance such as payment of fines and/or penalties, suspension/revocation of licenses, facing lawsuits, work stoppages and in extreme circumstances, complete shutdown of businesses.

We at Sharda Associates develop a systematic and organised way to cater your statutory needs. On every step our expert team guides you through every potential risk which might result in harming the business working. We provide a complete assistance regarding statutory compliances; from the registration of an establishment/branch to handling of inspections by government officials we are there for you.


Complete Assistance


Improved business operations

Sharda Associates assists you, to successfully comply with every applicable statutory compliance requirements; it saves your time and resources to focus on core business activities which inevitably improve your business operations resulting into the business growth.

Through our effective compliance management system we help your entity to preserve and promote goodwill of the Entity, thereby places it in a higher bargaining position to negotiate and secure favourable business contracts.


Greater business opportunities


Competitive Advantage

Skilled Consultancy firm for Statutory requirements is a differentiator that helps businesses gain competitive advantage over rival companies, while producing more efficient outputs, preserving the entity’s goodwill and integrity, and reducing compliance related risks.

We Offer Various Statutory Services Including

  • Labour Law Registrations
  • Labour Law Compliances
  • Statutory Compliance Audit
  • PF & ESI compliances
  • Industrial Licenses
  • Labour Law Licenses
  • Registration/Renewal/amendment under Shops & Establishments Act
  • Preparation and maintenance of Statutory records, registers, formats, etc. prescribed under various Acts
  • Timely submission of Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly and Annual Returns
  • Assistance and support for documentation and application under various Acts.