Audit of Financial Statements provide assurance to potential investors and customers.


Auditing and Assurance Services are like financial detectives for businesses. They carefully inspect financial documents, records, and processes to make sure everything is honest and accurate. Think of them as financial watchdogs that help companies stay trustworthy.

These services help ensure that companies follow rules and regulations, making sure that the numbers in their financial reports are reliable. They provide valuable information to investors, lenders, and the public, allowing everyone to make confident decisions about a company’s health and trustworthiness. Auditors, who are like financial detectives, play a critical role in maintaining transparency and trust in the world of business.

Constantly Changing and Growing World

World is rapidly changing and growing on its own, with each passing day there are new innovations, new developments and new opportunities.

Along with these developments, challenges like non-compliances, chances of frauds/thefts, leakage of sensitive business information and risks involved in businesses also grow drastically.

Legal complexities and compliances applicable to business are major concern. Businesses require a closely monitored and controlled environment to cope up with these compliances. Right guidance, assurance and checking is most important than ever before.

Increasing Complexities and Compliances

We Provide The Best Auditing Services In India

We, at Sharda Associates, deliver tailor-made auditing  services for companies ranging from small businesses and start-ups to global businesses.

We have a pragmatic approach to auditing, with the guidelines laid down by various statutory bodies and the generally accepted audit and accounting principles, we rely on a risk-based audit methodology, built on extensive planning and client inputs, and are fully supported by the latest technology and tools. 

Our audit team delivers credibility to your financial statements and reports which provides assurance to directors, and acumens to your leadership to improve systems while managing risk.

We Provide These Auditing And Assurance Services

• Statutory Audit
• Income-tax Audit
• Internal Audit
• Transfer Pricing Audit
• GST Audit
• Process Audit
• Cost Audit
• Financial Institutional Audit
• Others…