Agriculture Finance


Agriculture finance refers to financial resources and services available to support the production and distribution of agricultural products, including loans, grants, insurance, and other tools to help farmers and agricultural businesses manage risk and invest in their operations. Financial institutions and organizations may specialize in providing these services to the agriculture sector.

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What is Agriculture Finance?


Agricultural finance is the study, examination, and analysis of the financial components of the agriculture industry, which is the primary sector of the economy. 

Included are financial concerns pertaining to the production and disposal of agricultural products. When we address the financial aspects of agriculture, we take into account the capital required for agriculture, the crucial finances raised, and the way in which those monies are used. 

Agriculture finance, a subfield of agricultural economics, is concerned with banking services and managing financial farm units.

Documents For Agriculture Finance/Loan

  • Duly – filled the application form
  • PAN, Aadhaar card, or passport
  • Land documents like registration documents, taxes paid, and utility bills.
  • No due certificate from co – the operative credit society
  • Copy of the land sale agreement 
  • Last six-month bank statement 
  • Passport size photograph

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