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What Is One Person Company?


In OPC, a single promoter acquires complete authority over the company, thereby limiting its liability for its contributions to the company. Thus, the said individual will be the sole shareholder and director, nevertheless the director nominee may be visible, but will have zero power till the actual director confirms unworthy of entering into the contract.

There could also be no way to move to employee stock options or equity financing. In fact, if an OPC firm has a turnover of Rs. 2 crores or more for consequently three times and paid-up fund of Rs. 50 lakh and over, it must be transformed to a private limited company or a public limited company within six months.

What Are The Benefits


Limited Liability

Personal property of the directors is indeed secure in a private limited company, regardless of the debts of the business.


Continuous Existence

The Sole Proprietorships business ends in case of the death of the proprietor. As an OPC business does have a separate legal existence, it would be handed over to the nominee director and would thus continue to operate.


Greater Creditability

Since the OPC would need to audit its books on a yearly basis, it has high trust between other vendors and lending institutions.


Quick Decision Making

Since you are the only individual to take action and order on what to do and what not to do, the processing period is much quicker and the implementation can be completed soon.


Less legal Complexity

Because there is fewer legal complexity associated with the One Person company in contrast to several other registration methods, an individual may focus more on the area to be improved.

How We Will Help You


The OPC Registration procedure is completely online, so you don’t even have to get out of your home to register your business. We’ll assist you get your registration in just 2 weeks. Our Business Registration Package includes:

  • Directors Identification Number for 1 Director
  • Digital Signature Certificate for 1 Director
  • Assistance for deciding the name of the company
  • PAN Number
  • TAN Number
  • The registration procedure shall include – Drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association, RoC filing fees for an authorized capital, Government Stamp Duty, and Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Name Approval Certificate
  • GST Registration
  • PF Registration
  • ESI Registration

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We Will Call You

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Company Registration Certificate

After you have submitted your document, we will verify it and start the registration process and will get your company registered within 14 days.

One Person Company Registration Form

Documents Needed For Registration


Scanned copy of the following documents.

  • Current Bank Account Statement/Phone or Mobile Invoice/Gas or Electricity Invoice)
  • Scanned transcript of Rental Agreement written in the English language
  • Scanned transcript of N-O or No-objection Certificate from the concerned property landowner
  • Property or Sale Deed printed in English.

The registered office has to to be in a commercial region; that being said, it can also be your residence.

In order to register an online company in India, the business should have a registered office in India. A latest version of the electricity bill or property tax receipt or water bill should be filed to validate admittance to the registered office. In addition to the lease agreement, the electricity bill or the sale deed and a written statement from the landlord with his/her permission to use the office as the company’s registered office must be submitted.

  • Latest bank statement/telephone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill
  • Notarized rental agreement in English
  • No-objection certificate from the property owner
  • Sale deed/property deed in English (in case of owned property)

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  • Features Title One
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  • Features Title One
  • Features Title Two
  • Features Title Three
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