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Project report for 1000 Birds Poultry Farming is as follows.

Poultry farming is the practice of producing domesticated birds including chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese for the purpose of supplying meat, eggs, and feather for human consumption.

Broiler Meat and Egg Consumption Per Capita: Broiler meat and egg consumption per capita is among the lowest in the world, and is much lower than in many emerging and established markets. 

However, due to low penetration and continuously growing income levels, we expect per capita consumption of both broiler meat and eggs to climb steadily over the next five years.

Increases in the food services business, including restaurants and fast-food outlets, are assisting in increasing broiler meat and egg consumption. Non-vegetarian Indian meals, as well as fast food, often include broiler meats and eggs. Market Development for Bakery Meals:

In bakery dishes, eggs play a vital role. The Indian baked products industry is booming right now. The rise of the baked products industry in India is predicted to have a positive impact on egg consumption.

Market Potential 1000 Birds Poultry Farming

India is now one of the biggest producers of eggs and broiler meat in the world. The chicken industry in the United States has undergone substantial statistical advances as well as a complete transformation in its overall structure and operation during the last two decades.

It has evolved from a backyard hobby to a full-fledged industry thanks to the presence of multiple integrated firms and major investment in breeding, hatching, rearing, and processing activities. This might also be due to the rising demand for chicken products in the nation, which comes from both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Individuals’ growing health consciousness is boosting demand for protein-rich foods like meat and eggs, which is consistent with this.

Furthermore, as a consequence of changing eating habits and increasing exposure to other cuisines, the Indian populace is progressively shifting to a non-vegetarian diet. Poultry meat is preferred over other meat products because it is more hygienic and available year-round at cheaper prices throughout the country than fish and mutton.

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