Project Report For Banana Ripening Chamber


Project report for Banana Ripening Chamber is as follows.

Ripening is biological, carefully orchestrated, irreversible process that includes tissue softening, colour alterations, fragrance and flavour volatile generation, astringency reduction, and many other biochemical changes. The banana is one of the most widely consumed fruits on the planet. Because bananas are climactic fruit, induced ripening is required for commercial banana cultivation and distribution in order to ensure consistent flavour, texture, and peel colour. Commercial ripening agents such as ethylene gas, acetylene gas produced from calcium carbide, and ethephon have all been widely employed in the industry.

They were investigated for their ability to initiate and accelerate the ripening process, as well as their impact on fruit quality and health risks. Bananas were also proven to ripen when Lauryl alcohol was used as a ripening agent. According to most research, there is no difference in biochemical composition or sensory quality between bananas treated with chemicals that stimulate ripening and bananas that are naturally ripened.

Market potential & Strategy

The worldwide fruit ripening agents market is expected to be driven by the expanding commercial uses of various fruit ripening agents. During the off-seasons, ripening agents such as ethylene, propylene, and others are employed to start the ripening process in fruits. Furthermore, several methods to artificially enhance the ripening process in fruits have been developed thanks to technological and scientific advancements. Artificial fruit ripening is the technique of purposefully controlling ripening to achieve desirable qualities in order to increase consumer acceptance and sales. The global market for fruit ripening agents is expected to be driven by the growing practice of artificial fruit ripening around the world. The market’s major players are concentrating their efforts on the development of new materials and technologies that are practical in terms of application and cost. The global market for fruit ripening agents is expected to be dominated by North America. Fruit ripening agents are expected to increase in use to meet the growing demand for fruits as people become more aware of the health benefits of eating fruits.

The region’s well-established food and agriculture sector, as well as the availability of superior machinery and technology, are expected to drive artificial fruit ripening agents market innovation. The global market for fruit ripening agents is expected to increase significantly in the Asia Pacific. The growing area under fruit farming, which is mostly shipped to various developed regions, is predicted to increase demand for post-harvest treatments such as fruit ripening agents, which would help the fruits keep their finest physical qualities. Furthermore, the large profit margins associated with fruit export from India are expected to boost demand for the product. For example, India shipped roughly 16 million tonnes of fresh fruits internationally in 2018-19, according to the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Exports Development Authority of India (APEDA).

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