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Project report for Bleaching powder is as follows.

Chemicals such as calcium hypochlorite assist in preventing illnesses like cholera and typhoid, which may be spread by drinking contaminated water. Stable bleaching powder demand in India is increasing by 5-7 per cent every year. Stable bleaching powder is now the primary agent used to prevent water contamination.

Cleaning public swimming pools is another common application for this product, which is widely accessible worldwide. The cost-to-performance ratio of calcium hypochlorite is advantageous since it protects against germs and is cost-effective. Calcium hypochlorite is the industry that typically contains 60 percent chlorine by mass. Bleaching powder, chlorine powder, or chlorinated lime are commercial products that employ it as the primary active component.

As a white, solid, chlorine-scented concentration in granular or tablet form, it is widely available. The antibacterial and bleaching chemical calcium hypochlorite is commonly used. It is more stable than sodium hypochlorite and contains more accessible chlorine (liquid bleach). These include household cleaners and detergents, agrochemicals, pulp & paper, food & beverage, and other items. Stain removers, bleaching powder, and germicides are all used to remove the natural colour of textile fibres or yarns as well as wood pulp or paper via a chemical reaction.

Market potential & Strategy

During the forecast period, the bleaching agents market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.5% from its 2020 value to 2023 value projection of INR 56699064100. Value of current products and annual revenue growth are included in the market size of bleaching agents.

Bread and bread-related items are driving up bleaching agent demand, as is urbanisation, increased per capita income, and improvements in the technology used to test wheat quality. As a bleaching agent and disinfectant, bleaching powder is a must-have. The paper, textile, and oil industries are the primary users of this material. Because of its high demand, it is primarily used in the chemical sector. As a source of chlorine, it may also be utilised in the production of chloroform.

The product’s marketability is excellent. As a disinfectant, bleaching powder is a popular choice. In addition, it is in high demand as a bleaching agent. Bleaching powders are primarily used by the textile and paper industries, as well as the oil sector. Chemical companies are among the top purchasers of this item. Adding these agents to flour also helps remove the yellowish hue from the raw mill flour, making it suitable for market supply. In addition, they are commonly used to sanitise swimming pools and serve a critical function in cleaning water to be consumed.

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