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The project report for Cold Pressed Oil is as follows.

Cold pressing relates to the oils acquired with a new steel press by compressing fruit or seeds. Cold-pressed oils maintain all the flavour, aroma and nutrient benefits, creating these oils perfect for the needs of cooking and skincare.

They comprise 0 grams of trans fatty acids and are cholesterol-free. They are free from cholesterol and are not refined, deodorized or processed in any way, they generate no dangerous byproducts of solvents, they comprise natural antioxidants such as tocopherols (e.g. vitamin E) and phosphatides (e.g. lecithin).

It retains the natural flavour and odour, improving your favourite recipes.

Stored under heat-controlled environment and temperatures without exceeding Fahrenheit 100 degrees.

Even though cold-pressed oil is stored at cooler temperatures, the characteristics of the oil containing a greater phenolic and nutritional value than the expeller-pressed oil may not change.

Though knowledge of the nutritional content and health advantages of natural wood pressed or cold-pressed coconut oil has changed perceptions in several houses over the past few years.

Market potential & Strategy

A new survey demonstrates that dilution in loose edible oil sold in the Indian market is up to 85 per cent.

Adulterated oils not just trigger allergies and raise cholesterol levels, they are also known for causing dangerous diseases such as cancer, paralysis, liver damage and heart arrest.

Also, the Food Safety and Standards has prohibited the loose form of the sale, purchase and production of edible oil, and it is still purchased and sold in the country.

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