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Garlic pickles are prepared from fruits or vegetables or edible plant material, including mushrooms, that are free of insect damage or fungal infection and are preserved in salt, acid, sugar, or any combination of the three. Onion, garlic, ginger, sugar, jaggery, edible vegetable oil, green or red chillies, spices, spices extracts (oil, lime juice, vinegar/acetic acid), dried fruits, and nuts may be included in the pickle.

Human is a complex being who is not satisfied by consuming only whole grains and nuts. He/She rewires hot additives with his food to make it more digestible so he can enjoy his meal.

Garlic Pickle has acquired prominence in Indian cuisine and has earned a distinct position. Pickling fruits and vegetables is an old craft, and a variety of these items are created and enjoyed in Indian homes.

Market potential & Strategy

Garlic pickle consumption is expanding in both the local and foreign markets. Mango pickle, lime pickle, mixed veggie pickle, red chilli pickle, and more famous pickles Pickled ginger, garlic, and mushrooms have also grown in popularity in recent years.

Garlic pickles were one of the first commercial products to debut on the market as a fruit and vegetable preservation product. Despite the fact that there are many brands of Garlic prickles on the market, there is still a decent scale for new brands and palatability.

Garlic pickle is an essential ingredient in Indian Food. For nearly a century, it has been used as a condiment. It assists in food digestion and absorption has anathematic and antiseptic properties and is utilised in a range of therapeutic treatments.

Garlic pickle is grown in numerous countries, with the biggest farmers being M.P., U.P., Maharashtra, Haryana, and Gujarat. Garlic pickle manufacturing. Garlic pickle manufacture from raw bulbs is a well-established sector in Europe and the United States, and it is gaining traction in India as well.

Garlic pickler was made in a hygienic manner. It is simple and straightforward to use, and it is often used in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian cuisine.

It can be manufactured anywhere, although it should be confined to garlic pickle-producing regions for simplicity of procurement. Despite the fact that garlic is widely grown and consumed in India, little effort has been made to make dehydrated garlic and garlic pickle, resulting in around 20% of the yield being squandered owing to respiration and microbial decomposition during raw garlic pickle bulb storage.

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