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The project report for ladies boutique is as follows.

Indian garment industry has been rising significantly in the last couple of years. Exports have risen as demands by global buyers are on the rise. The overall demand for ready-made clothing is growing due to an spike in the amount of middle class folks who have been very focused on their fashion patterns.

Youngsters are ready to observe trends and fashions. Dress does have to modify with changing trends. Most individuals don’t chose to wear dresses for some more than two years, even if it was in perfect shape. It’s our routine to buy new clothes on occasions like birthdays, weddings, family relationships and cultural events such as Onam, X’mas, Ramadan, etc.

This venture focuses on the development of ready-made clothing, in particular churidars of the latest style, that are in high demand on the market. After food and shelter, clothes is by far the most significant human requirement. Some few years ago, we would have to rely on tailors to get our clothes stitched, and now most of us rely on ready-made clothing.

Market Potential Of Ladies Boutique

Fast economic growth has led to rising disposable incomes in India. This has contributed to an increase in consumption for goods generating a massive domestic market. The domestic market for clothing and lifestyle products, reportedly valued at US$ 85 billion, is projected to rise by 11,8% at the CAGR to US$ 160 billion by 2025.

In the region, the bulk of the population falls to the middle-income community, and their buying power is significantly stronger than that of the gulf. Citizens from across all economic strata usually want to wear fashionable, high-quality clothing on any special occasion.

This unit is also targeted at consumers of all ages, up to the upper middle class. Young people and education are the primary focus areas. As unit gains territories for domestic sales, export is also intended as a target.

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