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Project report for Murrah Buffalo Dairy farm is as follows.

Subsidiary income from dairying is critical for small/marginal farmers and agricultural workers. In Addition to milk, manure from animals contributes organic matter to soil fertility and crop production. The dung’s gobar gas is utilised as a fuel for both residential appliances and well pumps that retrieve water from deep wells. Animals are fed with extra fodder and agricultural waste products that would otherwise go to waste.

Bullocks provide the vast majority of the draught power required for agricultural activities and transportation. In light of the cyclical nature of agriculture, dairy farming offers year-round work opportunities for a large number of people. As a result, year-round work opportunities exist in the dairy industry. Small/marginal farmers and landless labourers are the primary beneficiaries of dairy programmes.

The Indian dairy industry has enormous potential, which may be realised through targeted approaches. In 2016, the sector was worth INR 5,000 billion. However, it is still 80 per cent unorganised. Dairy firms have several options, but the rural emphasis and wellness/premium goods are the most promising. In 2018, India’s dairy industry had a revenue of INR 9,168 billion. Additionally, India’s dairy sector acts as a vehicle for socio-economic progress in Addition to providing lucrative commercial possibilities. This is why the government of India has implemented a variety of programmes and initiatives targeted at improving the dairy industry in India. “National Dairy” is a good example.

It is the goal of the “Program (Phase-l)” to raise the milk output of cows, build the rural milk procurement infrastructure, and give farmers better access to markets. However, private sector involvement in the Indian dairy industry has grown in recent years. The Indian market’s size and potential have enticed both national and foreign companies to enter the dairy business. Value-added items, such as cheese, yoghurt, and probiotic beverages, are getting the attention they deserve.

As a result, they are also developing new items that cater specifically to Indian consumers. Additionally, these firms are enhancing their milk supply chain, which is helping to strengthen India’s dairy industry. Market analysts predict that INR 21,971 Billion in revenue will be generated by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 16 per cent.

Market Potential Of Murrah Buffalo Dairy farm

Only 20% of the milk produced in India is available to co-operatives and private dairies. In the unorganised market, 34 per cent of milk is sold, and 46 per cent is eaten locally. To put this in perspective, in the majority of wealthy countries, about 90% of excess milk is sold to the organised sector. Whether or whether the price of premium milk is relevant is irrelevant; there appears to be a demand for it. Because of this, they will spend money on them. Consumer spending on these items has a positive impact on economic growth. Per capita income in India has increased dramatically over the previous decade, and disposable income has grown as a result.

The dairy business in the United States has benefited from increased demand for packaged and processed goods as a result of the country’s rapid urbanisation. It has become more common for Indians to be concerned about their health and product quality in the digital age, which has contributed to a rise in the diversity of foods accessible in the country. Increased milk output has been a result of the ever-growing demand for value-added milk products.

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