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Project report for Operation theater table is as follows.

Acrylic paint is a thin, fast-drying paint created from a pigment contained in an acrylic polymer emulsion and other additives such as silicone oils and defoamers and plasticisers and stabilisers. Acrylic paints, while water-based when wet, dry water-resistant once they’ve been applied to a canvas. Acrylic paints’ expansion in India is primarily due to advancements in end-use application technology.

The number of media that may be used with acrylic paints is steadily rising. Acrylic paint may be used on a variety of media, including paper, canvas, and walls. One of the most important ways to stand out from the competition is by developing high-performance acrylic paint bonding. Market information, such as client preferences and regional data, is being used to establish R&D efforts by significant firms. It drives the industry’s growth.

It is possible to create an acrylic painting that looks like a watercolour, a gouache, or an oil painting depending on how much water or acrylic gels, mediums or pastes are used to dilute the paint. Chemical, petroleum, and solvent-based paints began to replace the tried-and-true ways of generating linseed oil paint as the primary focus of the paint production sector. In light of the environmental dangers of petroleum fuels, the painting business is entering a new era.

Market potential & Strategy

USD 147 Billon (2021) was the worldwide paints and coatings market value, which is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 4.3 per cent from 2022 to 2027. Increased per capita income, newer models that offer better finishes and textures, and manufacturers’ efforts to create enhanced versions like eco-friendly, odourless, dust-proof, and water-proof paints have fueled the rise of the painting industry. Over time, this taste for acrylic paintings has grown in favour among artists.

Acrylic paint’s tremendous recognition among artists throughout the world is also due to its excellent characteristics. Acrylics, unlike conventional oil paintings, are low-maintenance media that don’t need specialised equipment. They provide higher quality and texture as a result of their use. Since acrylic paints can be applied to various surfaces, they are an ideal medium for painters of all skill levels. Artists mostly use acrylic paint. The COVID-19 epidemic is now affecting the industry. The epidemic has impacted all aspects of the Acrylic Paint business and has stifled its expansion.

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