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The project report for Packaged drinking water is as follows.

Water is an integrated component of any human being.

Because it is a human need, it creates the most sense to do business.

As a typical human being needs an intake of 2-3 litres of water per day and the global population is even more than 1 billion (rising at 2-3 per cent per year), the market opportunity is immense and the capacity is relatively unexplored. 1600 crores of revenue.

In the last 4 years, it has risen at a pace of 38-40 per cent per year.

Usually a bottled water brands such as French-made Damone are sold to clubs, gym centers, cinemas, department stores, malls, ice cream parlors, cafes and retail sports shops, as well as restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in a cost tags of ’70/-for 1 litre bottle.

Many brands also started to set up massive middle class and lower middle class markets.

Market potential & Strategy

Previously packaged drinking water was a target for high-quality, international visitors and extremely affluent individuals, but the current decade has observed growing popularity amongst average customers, the living standards, spending power, education and knowledge between domestic and international visitor customers.

In recent times, advanced business organizations and offices have steadily boosted the prices of plastic bottles.

Excess supply for bottled water represents the lack of safe drinking water and the value of tap water.

It has become a symbol of a balanced lifestyle that is evolving in India. Advertising – protection – that’s right.

Pure and simple liquid has now become one of India’s leading sectors, given the difficult reality that it is founded on the basis of bad governance, injustice and apparent abuse.

Even so, drinking water provides the prospect of easy packing space, good consistency and is ubiquitous.

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