Project Report For Pencil manufacturing


The project report for Pencil manufacturing is as follows.

The majority of pencils offered in stores are constructed of wood.  A wooden pencil, often known as a lead pencil, is an important tool for students and painters. In speaking, HB and 2B pencils are well-liked in the Indian economy. At this day and time of desktops, printers, tablets, mobile phones, and a plethora of many other writing and sketching tools, the pencil sector is booming.

The market is seeing an increase in demand for wooden pencils. The items are used in schools, universities, government offices, business companies, non-governmental organisations, as well as a variety of other settings. Also in this internet world, pencils are a steady friend for several students, authors, and artists. It is believed that between 18 and 22 billion pencils are being used each year. The majority of pencils contain a graphite or charcoal core that is wrapped in wood.

The need for pencils is mostly connected with the nation’s student body. The government places a great emphasis on education, and a lot of institutions have established in different regions of the nation even isolated rural locations. Even during GTP phase, the primary goal is to improve quality and accessibility at all stages of the education system.

Market potential & Strategy

The need for writing instruments in India would likely rise since the country’s workforce is anticipated to increase by 20% by 2020, resulting in increasing per capita income, more education, and a rising need for stationery.

Nowadays, the Writing Instruments industry has grown increasingly of a phase of various ideas and innovation, since this is seen as the sole key to its success. A once-exclusive domain of very few has now devolved into a crowded marketplace.

Even in the enhanced capabilities era, when the computer and smart phones control the market, writing equipment remains indispensable. This market has increased in the same way that every other business has. This business is increasing at a rate of 8% to 10% each year.

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