Cold Storage Subsidy

A cold storage warehouse is a facility designed for the storage of temperature-sensitive products, such as perishable foods or pharmaceuticals, at low temperatures to prevent spoilage or degradation.


What is Cold Storage Subsidy?


The goal of the MIDH Cold Chain, Value Addition, and Preservation Infrastructure Scheme is to provide integrated cold chain and preservation infrastructure facilities from the farm gate to the consumer. It includes the development of infrastructure facilities along the entire supply chain, such as farm-level pre-cooling, weighing, sorting, grading, and waxing, as well as multi-product/multi-temperature cold storage, CA storage, packing facility, IQF, blast freezing in distribution hubs and reefer vans, and mobile cooling units for facilitating distribution of horticulture, organic produce, marine, dairy, meat, and poultry, among other things. 

The scheme allows for project planning flexibility, with a focus on the development of cold chain infrastructure at the farm level. A cold storage is a large chilled room or structure intended for the storage of goods in a setting with a temperature lower than the outside. Refrigerated products include fruits and vegetables, seafood, and meat. Cold storage facilities are frequently found near shipping ports used for product imports and exports.

Subsidy Process

  1. Make a thorough project report with financial information (DPR).
  2. Apply for a loan at the nationalized banks with DPR and adhere to all requirements.
  3. Obtain loan approval from your nationalized bank.
  4. Subsidy application with DPR + Bank loan approval + Datasheet duly completed.
  5. The State Horticulture Mission (SHM) or National Horticulture Mission (NHM) office in your area received the document.
  6. SLEC, the State-level Executive Committee, advises that the project be carried out.
  7. The technical conformity of projects is examined by the state project appraisal committee.
  8. The project is marked to the central project appraisal committee when necessary (PAC).
  9. The empowered Monitoring Committee (EMC)/Executive Committee (EC), the final decision-making body for the centrally supported plan, receives project recommendations from the PAC.

Documents Required for Cold Storage Subsidy

  • Land document required with NA permission.
  • If we are requesting a cold chain plan, then pollution-controlled certificates are necessary.
  • Details project report.
  • A letter of bank approval and an appraisal bank report.
  • Contains all quotations, a checklist, and fundamental details on promoters and cold storage.
  • constructing plans with the appropriate people.
  • CA, CE Civil, and CE Mechanical Certificates project cost estimation.