Feasibility Report

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Feasibility Report

feasibility Report helps organisations to analyse economic, legal, technical and commercial factors that add up to evaluate the effectiveness of the business project. We analyse all of these variables to decide the advantages and disadvantages of participating in a project. In order to evaluate the feasibility of a  projects, we perform feasibility studies.

Just like.
 – Evaluation of market demand
 – Operational feasibility, financial modelling
 – Assessment of the situation and
 – Evaluation of sensitivity and others

For whom.
 – Freshly started Greenfield project
 – For expansion of the project 
 – To make associations
 – Forgo or no-go decision on a new venture

What we cover in our feasibility Report

Our reports are designed to provide essential information to organisations which could even help you in avoiding less feasible and dangerous projects. Completely customised, our standard feasibility report contains the following details.

Executive Summary

  • Promoter’s background and experience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Objective of the venture
  • Team required to meet the expectations

Promoter’s Objective

  • Objective of the new venture
  • Core capability
  • Risk taking ability

Regulatory requirements

  • Regulatory restrictions, if any
  • Requirements for the project
  • Subsidies & Incentive, if any

Location analysis

  • Incorporation of company
  • Trademark registration
  • IP rights

Operations (1st)

  • Capacity & offering mix
  • Delivery model choices
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Organisation Structure
  • Technical requirements
  • Key Operational Assumptions

Operations (2nd)

  • Raw Material
  • Human Capital
  • Operating risks
  • Others (Power, Fuel, Water, Others)

Business offering

  • Offering description
  • Key strategic choices – Type, range, price, qualities, and needs
  • Business Model

CAPEX Requirements

  • Land
  • Unit description
  • Equipment & Machinery
  • Building & Civil Works
  • Project Engineering, Construction management & Know-how

Market Study

  • Territory and market study
  • Market potential
  • Growth drivers of the market
  • Likely market challenges
  • Customer segments and buying behaviours
  • Competition and their comparative assessment

Financial Model

  • Project Cost
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Means of Financing (The most Preferred Mix)
  • Valuation Of Project
  • Profitability Statement (5-7 years Explicit Forecast Period)

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We have tremendous knowledge in creating business and financial models for a large number of industry and business organisations. We specialize in giving clear feasibility reports that will allow you to recognize the scope of the project together with its underlying obstacles.


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We deliver unique customized feasibility reports as required. We offer precise analysis as well as actionable plans and strategies to address the challenges that will make your project profitable.

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We conduct both primary and secondary research and based on that we collect valuable data. Based on that information we predict the feasibility of your project and the risk that come with it.

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You will get the best reports in least possible time. All the reports are customized reports, which are tailor made as per your requirements.

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