FSSAI Penalty – FSSAI looks after food companies in India and checks whether or not they comply with the government’s regulations. Their purpose is to confirm that the food is not adulterated in accordance with the appropriate standards. Their job would be to get rid of non-standard food products. This institution is accountable for the registration and licensing of FBO or Food and Business Operators in India. Also, it establishes down rules and regulations for the management of a business in India.

What if you fail to get FSSAI Licence

FSSAI Penalty

Any registered or licensed individual underneath the FSSAI shall comply with the rules and regulations laid down in the FSS Act, 2006. The Food Safety Officer generally performs an evaluation of the food business operator’s facility and recognizes the level of accordance with regulations by means of a checklist. On the basis of the level of compliance, the food safety officer defines it as:

  • Compliance (C)
  • Non-compliance (NC)
  • Partial Compliance (PC)
  • Not applicable/Non-observed (NA)

On the basis of it, an improvement notification may be issued by the food safety officer if needed under Section 32 of the FSS Act, 2006. If the business operator refuses to fulfil even after the notification, the officer may suspend his license within a week of offering the licensee the opportunities to display causes. Any food business operator adversely affected by notification may appeal to the State Commissioner for Food Safety. The choice may be questioned by appeal to the Food Safety Appellate Tribunal/High Court.

FSSAI Penalty and Fines

1.Quality of the food not in accordance with the Act2,00,000 and for Petty manufacturer – 25,000/
2.Sub-standard food5,00,000
3.Falsely branded food3,00,000
4.Deceptive publicity or false summary10,00,000
5.Extraneous matter in food1,00,000
6.Failure to act in accordance with the direction of the Food Safety Officer2,00,000
7.Unclean handling or manufacturing1,00,000

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