Uber Pitch Deck

What made Uber Pitch Deck great?

Many of us find it difficult to picture a world without Uber in 2021. Go to any big city, nearly everywhere in the globe, and the ease of Uber over taxis and public transportation reigns supreme.

Back 13 years and Uber, then known as “UberCab,” was putting up their very first pitch deck. It resulted in an overall investment of $200k, that aided the business’s growth to become what it is presently: a market leader with just an annual turnover of $11.3 billion in 2018.

Isn’t it incredible?

Understanding that Uber not just received money from the pitch deck that they made public on their 9th anniversary, but it also leveraged that financing to develop quite a roaring success, shows that businesses can benefit a much from them!

Keep it short and sweet

We understand that you are overjoyed about your company concept and would like to tell everyone about it. Resist the temptation to fill your pitch deck with superfluous material and share what you know.

You want to make the folks you’re presenting to as interested as possible whenever you’re delivering a pitch. No matter how beautiful your ideas are, if they lose interest, you’ll likely lose your shot at funding.

“A VC’s attention span is much less than you would think,” says VC Iskender Dirik. Be as eye-catching, straightforward, and succinct as possible.”

In fact, we advise building your deck, then breaking it up, walking away, and then chopping it down again!

Uber is a wonderful illustration of what I’m talking about. Try looking at their straightforward, to-the-point deck, that contains only the essential details and benefits of the service. Even the design is kept to a bare minimum.

Do your homework!

As we’ve previously stated, don’t start working on your pitch deck unless you’ve completed your research.

You must have a thorough understanding of your company’s inner workings, as well as its market and users. As a result, make a commitment to performing user and market research which will reassure potential investors that their investment is secure with you.

Uber performed an excellent job of laying out the broader market and its makeup, demonstrating that they had done their homework on how their firm would fall into the picture.

Create an excellent proposition outline

“A value proposition is a commitment of value that will be supplied, conveyed, and recognised.”

The most essential part of your brand might be your unique selling point. “Your advertising techniques are merely a loudspeaker for something beneath your brand proposition,” says Steve Harvey.

As a result, remember to ask yourself, “Is this what my firm is providing to my potential customer/user?”

Performing user research here may be incredibly beneficial in determining your users’ problem areas and how they have been presently attempting to address their issues. This way, you’ll be able to pinpoint precisely what value you can offer to the table as a business.

Within just five slides of Uber’s presentation, they lay out their value proposition:

Make a list of possible scenarios

Your pitch is designed to persuade potential investors that investing in your company is a risk completely worth taking. We believe Uber does this well when they describe their firm’s “best” and “worst” case situation.

Your goal is to show that even in the worst-case situation, your investors would not suffer a significant loss. Make them feel at ease!

Foster a sensation of urgency in your audience

Many experts will tell you that you should create an emotional bond between potential investors and your business. And we agree!

Nevertheless, we believe that the most important feeling you should convey with your consumers is one of urgency. You have to offer investors the impression that they won’t be able to pass up the opportunity you’re offering.

Uber accomplishes it in a basic but effective manner by highlighting the major customer, driver, and environmental advantages that distinguish the firm and making investing in them a must-do opportunity.

The Most Important Takeaways

There’s really no disputing that Uber has evolved in directions it didn’t anticipate in their pitch: while they offered a collection of “luxury” automobiles, the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, and Toyota Camry nowadays are among their most desired cars!

Nevertheless, the fundamental concept stays the same: on-demand vehicle services that are quick and efficient, with organized vehicles and motivated drivers. And it’s because of this that the idea was presented to the investors that made Uber become the tremendous success story that it would be today.

They emphasis on the advantages they provide to consumers in their pitch deck, using market data to back up why their idea may succeed.

They make their pitch short and sweet and don’t let potential investors a time to sleep, rather creating a feeling of urgency in them.

Every one of these aspects came together to create a fantastic pitch deck, which served as a necessary step on their way to success.