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The project report for Ayurvedic Medicines is as follows.

Ayurvedic medicines are getting famous every day because these medicines have been used to cure all kinds of illnesses.

The Ayurveda medicine system is as ancient as the Vedic age. People these day give priority to Ayurvedic medicines as the Allopathic medicines are more expensive and have side effects.

Ayurvedic medicines ingredient are made with plants, animal extracts, and minerals.

Main ingredients used in ayurvedic medicine formulation are largely of plant origin and therefore the usage of ayurvedic medicine doesn’t really create any significant negative impact on the body.

Alongside the use of allopathic medicines, it can have harmful effects on the kidney, liver , intestines and some allergic effects on the skin

Market potential & Strategy

More than 500 pharmaceutical companies are active in Haryana state. Around 200 out of 500 units manufacture Ayurvedic medicine.

India has been a preacher of Ayurvedic medicines since prehistoric times, and its use for humanity.

Previously, their use has been restricted only to rural areas, but due to the rising adverse effects of allopathic medicines, use of such medications has increased both in rural and urban areas and the demand for these medicines has risen to date.

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