Project Report For 5000 mt Warehouse


Project report for 5000 mt warehouse is as follows.

Warehousing is the storing of commodities and merchandise in order to preserve the quality and quantity of stored products for future use. It is an essential component of the logistics value chain, creating the node that allows for the gathering, sorting, and distribution of commodities along the supply chain.

Several causes, including the country’s shifting tax structure, expansion in key industries such as autos, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, and the advent of organised retail, have aided the growth of India’s warehousing business.

In India as the need for refrigerated warehousing and storage grows, firms are joining this market to obtain a competitive edge and extend their regional footprint. For example, United Parcel Service Inc. stated in October 2019 that it was boosting its capacity to accommodate its recent healthcare investment. The development will add 1.3 million square feet of specialised healthcare warehouse space to the country’s distribution network, which is anticipated to grow to 4 million square feet by 2020. Furthermore, to preserve high-value speciality medications, these warehouses would be outfitted with temperature controls, certified coolers, and freezers.

Market potential & Strategy

Output goods, which is the primary driver of the warehousing industry, is projected to increase rapidly in the future years. We anticipate that India’s share of global commerce would more than quadruple in the next five years, which will have a favourable influence on the warehousing sector. We anticipate that traditional growth drivers such as agriculture and industry (textile and auto accessories) would continue to drive demand in the future years.

The market is projected to be driven by rising demand for an omnichannel retailing strategy. Pepperfry started in 2019 that it would invest USD 12 million (about INR 85 crore) in 2020 to open more than 100 physical locations and enhance its supply chain operations in order to serve more clients. Despite the fact that buyers are embracing the online purchasing trend, they still like to ‘touch and feel’ in the pre-purchase process, especially when acquiring large-ticket items such as furniture. As a result, such preferences are projected to grow the consumer base, resulting in the warehouse and storage industry developing.

Stored in fridge warehousing and storage is seeing considerable market expansion, mostly in the pharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, the Care Quality Commission recommends that insulin, antibiotic liquids, injections, eye drops, and certain creams be kept between 2C and 8C to ensure the medications’ efficacy. In 2019, 112.87 million Americans used eye drops and eyewash, according to the US Census Bureau. In 2023, this population is expected to rise to 118.49 million. As a result, rising demand will have a favourable influence on the worldwide refrigerated warehousing and storage industry.

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