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The migration of individuals from one place to another outside their usual environment for investigation or travel to remote, exotic, and possibly violent areas is classified as adventure tourism. Adventure tourism refers to travel that includes activities such as skydiving, mountain climbing, and scuba diving. Adventure tourism is extremely popular among travellers of all ages. Adventure tourism generates a lot of excitement by allowing visitors to leave their comfort zones. This could be due to culture shock or the performance of deeds that involved some level of risk (real or perceived) and physical danger.

Adventure travel is a recreational activity that takes place in a strange, exotic, isolated, or wild location. It’s usually linked to a lot of activity on the part of the participant, with most of it taking place outside. Adventure travellers expect to be personally challenged and exposed to varying levels of risk, thrill, and tranquillity. They are adventurers who seek out unspoilt, exotic corners of the globe as well as personal difficulties.

In the tourism business, adventure tourism is a relatively recent notion. Adventure tourism has become popular in the tourism business, yet there is no clear definition of the term. Although most observers agree that adventure tourism is a speciality sector of the tourism business, there are many other niche sectors in tourism that share similar qualities to adventure tourism, including ecotourism, activity tourism, and adventure travel.

A tourist supply chain is a network of people, products, activities, and materials that take a product or service from its inception to its final destination. As with any industry, volume discounts determine the mass price point, thus major merchants focus their marketing efforts on high-volume excursions. The supply chain for these mass tourism items is frequently quite simple, consisting primarily of transportation and lodging. The supply chain for adventure tourism is more complicated. Specialized knowledge and procedures are frequently required for niche items. The supply chain connections in adventure tourism are extensive, which is one of the reasons why adventure tourism provides more benefits at the local level.

Market potential & Strategy

From 2019 to 2026, the worldwide adventure tourism market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.3 per cent, from $585.5 billion in 2018 to $1,625.4 billion in 2026. The expansion of the travel and tourist industry encourages the need for adventure tourism Adventure tourism is defined as vacationing or exploring with a certain element of risk. Climbing, hiking, caving, rafting, and other activities are included in adventure tourism. Adventure tourism is one of the fastest increasing segments of tourism, which is one of the fastest expanding sectors. According to a survey of the travel market, Europe and America are the two main regions.

Simulators and virtual worlds are also part of adventure tourism. Active industry participants are constantly innovating to deliver a better client experience while also working on enhancing customer retention. Furthermore, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the running and operation of adventure tourism.

Globally, the adventure tourism sector has risen dramatically in recent years. Travellers are also interested in seeing undiscovered areas for fun. In addition, the global adventure tourism market is growing due to a considerable increase in government activities in the form of corporate and public partnerships to promote tourism. The risk of uncertain weather and adventurous travel, on the other hand, limits the expansion of the adventure tourism business. Furthermore, as Facebook has become the favourite social networking site among travellers to find the greatest travel bargains, a surge in the trend of social media is expected to give a lucrative opportunity for market expansion.

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